Making the most of your time

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Today’s society is hectic and fast-paced. As individuals, we do our best not to fall behind.

Now, with all this speed, one of the major struggles of postmodernism is to find the time to actually do all the things we are supposed to do.

Unfortunately, this is not easy, since most people have a problem with prioritisation. That is, they tend to treat everything as equally important. This is a big flaw. Why? Not everything is critical. As such, it should not be done at the same time. This is how low priority issues such as shopping and cleaning get the same priority as life’s projects. But while the former is easier and less demanding, the latter is more challenging and, as it usually happens, get postponed continuously, waiting for the perfect time and conditions. Unfortunately, this is why most people never really get started. Not because of a lack of skills. Rather, they end up doing all the easy, familiar things first, and after, have no energy left for the big challenges. So, once they are done with the trivialities, they are simply procrastinating and nothing more.

Other than prioritisation, we also have a serious problem with time-management. That is, we don’t use our time as productively as we should. Many have dreams and potential projects on their minds just waiting to take off, but never do that. Why? They claim they have no time. Strangely enough, we all have 24 hours a day. The only difference is that some exploit their time by working, resting, eating, and commuting, but also working on their projects. The rest? Let’s put it this way: they also work, rest, eat, and commute, but once they are done with all this, they spend the rest of their time watching social media, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Curiously, it is always the latter to complain about their lives. Incidentally, these are the same ones who easily procrastinate by zapping and browsing social networks all the time. But, let me remind you,

we all have 24 hours. It is up to you what to do

with such large amount of time.

The word ‘large’ was not used at random. Let’s take a look at the paragraph below:

This is the sum of the activities most of us deal with on a daily basis. Which means that, having done with all this, you would still have 4 hours to go.

And in case you have children to look after, and would like to spend a couple of hours with them, too, this makes it 22 hours altogether. As you can see, in the end you would still have 2 hours just for yourself…if you really want.

Now, the choice is up to you: be it 1 hour, or 2, or even 3, what would you do with such time?

This is exactly what distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful (that is, those who spend all of their lives between working, procrastinating, and complaining).

The successful person was not born cleverer or luckier compared to the rest of us. He or she is just ‘smarter’. He or she acknowledged there are 24 hours in a day, and other than fulfilling all of their duties, he or she decides to MAKE THE MOST OF THEIR TIME.

The latter doesn’t whine about how busy they are. Rather, they decide to get organised in order to find some time just for themselves (even one hour per day), and decide to use it in a productive way. Slowly but surely, this is how they eventually turn their dream projects into reality. By the same token, they improve the quality of their lives. Again, they are not luckier or richer. Unlike the majority of complainers and downers, they are just very determined and know what they want. No more, no less. 

It all comes down to how you decide to exploit your time off of work.

Also, other than finding the time, the successful develop productive routines (and strictly stick to them). Let’s take a professional footballer. He has a strict diet and even stricter training sessions. There is no way he would skip a session because he is lazy and wants to sleep at little longer at the weekend. No, he gets to doing what he must do without complaining. The same is true for any other person who aims for success. They develop their own personalised routines, and stick to them regardless of their moods. Many (myself included), start without clearly knowing what they are doing. No problem to admit it. They just pulled up their socks and got started, no matter how imperfect things were, correcting themselves along the way.

Successful people stick to their plans, regardless.

Unsuccessful people only get started when they feel like doing it.

While achievers build up on their results, unsuccessful people are still preparing, or waiting to be in the right mood to start, which usually means ‘NEVER’.

Take out a piece of paper, and like for the table above, divide up your 24 hours to see where you can ‘scrape’ some time together just for yourself. Don’t take it lightly. This is a crucial step to maximising your time in a clever, more active way. If you want to be part of the successful, there is no other way, but to go through this. All of the unsuccessful may be more knowledgeable about gossip and soap operas, but are no more superior. Rather, they are easily the ones to be more frustrated because nothing ever changes in their lives.

You know you can take your life back anytime, and taking control of your time is the first step to it.

Once you hit the paper, you can easily spot where you can find some time off to be used in a more productive way, either for your projects or any constructive hobby you may have. The choice is yours to take. What will do you with your evenings, weekends and time off in general?

Remember, professionals and any individuals who aim for success don’t wait to be in the right mood, or to have the perfect conditions. They roll up their sleeves and simply take action. Do likewise and act now! (or tomorrow morning at the latest).

There is no ‘putting your feet up’ when success is at stake. At least, this is what all successful people would agree on. A coincidence? Nope. Deep within, they are aware that, regardless of mood, working hard is crucial. They know they first have to sow the seeds of hard work in order to pick up the fruits of their labour later on.

Get started now. You will not regret it. Good luck with your future success.

Take care

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Hi there! Like many of you, I also came to a point where I asked myself, 'What is the Meaning of Life?' I have decided to start off this blog, in order to share ideas, inputs, and posts. In a nutshell, to inspire and be inspired. The world would be such a better place if we all did so. We cannot change others. However, you can always decide to set a good example. In doing so, you can still influence your loved ones in a positive way (and indirectly change them). It is not easy, but in my humble opinion, it is worth trying. After all, in the words of Bertolt Brecht, 'He who fights, can lose. He who doesn't fight, has already lost'.

One thought on “Making the most of your time

  1. It’s pretty astonishing to realise how much time we can make out in a day, and how much we can achieve if this time is properly exploited.


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