The Greatest Version of Yourself.

The book is a journey to personal greatness, starting from within. It is the author’s belief that we, as humans, all have great potential. Unfortunately, this potential lies dormant (and too often, remains so forever). The Greatest Version of Yourself – A Journey Within is nothing more than an invitation to think and act differently.Continue reading “The Greatest Version of Yourself.”

Becoming an action-taker or remaining a talker?

As humans, we are made up of feelings, dreams and wishes. This is normal and goes for everyone. Whether it be work, better relationships, or less stress, we all wish deep inside to change somehow for the better. However, if on the one side we have dreams and wishes, on the other we have fearsContinue reading “Becoming an action-taker or remaining a talker?”

MULTITASKING? An advantage or an obstacle?

In today’s working world, one of the prerequisites to be competitive on the market is to multitask. Being able to focus on several tasks simultaneously. Or, at least, this is the way most corporations reason when employing new staff. How to blame them? Who wouldn’t be happy with employees capable of performing more in lessContinue reading “MULTITASKING? An advantage or an obstacle?”

Making the most of your time

Today’s society is hectic and fast-paced. As individuals, we do our best not to fall behind. Now, with all this speed, one of the major struggles of postmodernism is to find the time to actually do all the things we are supposed to do. Unfortunately, this is not easy, since most people have a problemContinue reading “Making the most of your time”

How to be (and stay) successful

All too often we think the greatest challenge is not to give up. True, but only in part. It is good to be resilient when things don’t go as expected. However, being tenacious is but one side of the coin. The other is to keep a positive attitude when things get really harsh. I amContinue reading “How to be (and stay) successful”

Teaching children a fundamental lesson (for parents)

In the previous post, we discussed limiting beliefs. This one here is specifically dedicated to parents. So, if you already have children, or are planning on having some anytime soon, please read on. This article may be of great help to you and your spouse in your future lives as parents. When it comes toContinue reading “Teaching children a fundamental lesson (for parents)”

Limiting beliefs: our greatest enemy

There is something we are unaware of. Or, to be more precise, something most of us are affected by, but without realizing it. What I am talking about is self-limitations.   Being limited, but not in capabilities, efficiency or intelligence. Rather, in our minds. Being convinced we are not good enough, or clever enough, orContinue reading “Limiting beliefs: our greatest enemy”

Do you get up in the morning with purpose?

Most people wake up in the morning and drag themselves out of bed. They grumble at the mere thought of starting a new day. Lazily, they get dressed when they would prefer a few extra moments in bed. This happens for one simple reason: we don’t really like reality as it is: a place fullContinue reading “Do you get up in the morning with purpose?”

Why it is so important to have some hobbies.

According to studies, around 75% of people lack self-confidence. If we think about it, this is a worrying percentage. More than two thirds doubt themselves.In a nutshell, the majority of us question our capabilities. We don’t believe in ourselves and what we can do. This pushed me to start writing about this delicate (and yetContinue reading “Why it is so important to have some hobbies.”