The Greatest Version of Yourself.

The book is a journey to personal greatness, starting from within. It is the author’s belief that we, as humans, all have great potential. Unfortunately, this potential lies dormant (and too often, remains so forever). The Greatest Version of Yourself – A Journey Within is nothing more than an invitation to think and act differently.Continue reading “The Greatest Version of Yourself.”

Becoming an action-taker or remaining a talker?

As humans, we are made up of feelings, dreams and wishes. This is normal and goes for everyone. Whether it be work, better relationships, or less stress, we all wish deep inside to change somehow for the better. However, if on the one side we have dreams and wishes, on the other we have fearsContinue reading “Becoming an action-taker or remaining a talker?”

MULTITASKING? An advantage or an obstacle?

In today’s working world, one of the prerequisites to be competitive on the market is to multitask. Being able to focus on several tasks simultaneously. Or, at least, this is the way most corporations reason when employing new staff. How to blame them? Who wouldn’t be happy with employees capable of performing more in lessContinue reading “MULTITASKING? An advantage or an obstacle?”

Limiting beliefs: our greatest enemy

There is something we are unaware of. Or, to be more precise, something most of us are affected by, but without realizing it. What I am talking about is self-limitations.   Being limited, but not in capabilities, efficiency or intelligence. Rather, in our minds. Being convinced we are not good enough, or clever enough, orContinue reading “Limiting beliefs: our greatest enemy”